Designed for geologists

Core & Geological Sample Storage


At Dynacore Solutions our secure core, geological and seismic storage facility is an affordable offsite storage solution. As the security of your energy assets is our priority, our authorized staff and escorted visitors are the only individuals given access to the storage facility.

Every storage container in our facility is assigned a unique bar-code, identifying the client and container number. Staff follow a strict end to end scanning process to ensure data integrity. Dynatrac then tracks the specific location of every container for quick, efficient future access.

Retrieval & Viewings


You can book appointments online for the retrieval and viewing of assets. You have the option to choose from 3 different viewing rooms depending on the size of the project. Product will be laid out as per your specifications.



Our regular and rush service turnaround time for pickup and delivery ensures prompt access to your data.

Your assets are important to us so Dynacore only partners with insured, oil and gas recognized transport companies.

Core Photography

With the ever pressing need for immediate access to core data, Dynacore Solutions can provide high-res digital photographs of your core collection. These high-res images can be delivered in various secure methods.

Event Hosting


Dynacore Solutions can provide “turn-key” event hosting.

Dynatrac Data Management System


Dynatrac is a custom software solution designed with the needs of geologists and geophysicists in mind. It is our aim to be a trusted extension of our client’s operations. Our software utilizes a geospatial interface which enables our clients to instantly know assets are associated to a specific location. Dynatrac also has barcode tracking capabilities that ensure you know where your assets are located whether in our facility or at an external laboratory.

Core Disposal

Dynacore Solutions will arrange core disposals in accordance with City Bylaws and the Province of Alberta’s waste control regulation act. Dynacore will provide clients with an industrial waste receipt upon completion.